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Dop brand is among the most high-quality products of Sanat Tejarat Damon co. This brand includes 3 years warranty from Sanat Tejarat Damon company. Dop product include Shower column and shower Sets. The quality of material used in Dop products  plus 3 years of warranty will be guaranteed by this brand.
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About Dop

Dop Industrial Group This Company has set out since 1994 under the trade name of “Tayebi brothers”. In 2007, the company’s name was changed to “Sanat Tejarat Damon” (private equity) and is working in production, importation and packaging and labeling fields, registering the Dop and Delmon brands in building hygiene industry. This company’s ultimate mission is supplying the needs of global costumers with different kinds of tastes and with high quality. High quality, customer orientation and innovation are our priorities.
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    Factory: No. 1.132, Sina St., Khorramdasht Industrial Town, Pardis, Tehran, Iran